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Electrical conduction in nanoceramic PGT synthesised by high energy ball milling



AbstractNanocrystalline Pb1–3x/2GdxTiO3 (where x = 0.01) abbreviated as PGT has been synthesised by high energy ball milling at room temperature. X-ray analysis shows that single-phase tetragonal structure of nanocrystalline PGT was formed after 15-h milling. The average crystallite size was found to be 17 nm. The frequency-dependent AC conductivity of the PGT ceramic was studied in the range 100°C to 525°C. Complex impedance analysis suggested the dielectric relaxation to be of non-Debye type. The activation energy was found to be 1.04 ev. The mechanism of charge transport in nanocrystalline PGT was successfully explained by correlated hopping model.