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Effect of substrate temperature on ZnS films prepared by thermal evaporation technique



AbstractThe nanocrystalline ZnS semiconducting thin films of 500 nm thickness have been deposited on glass substrate at different substrate temperatures (Ts) by thermal evaporation technique. The structural property of deposited thin films has been measured by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and Energy dispersive analysis of X-ray. The electrical and optical properties of thin films have been determined by D.C. two point probe and ultra-violet visible spectroscopy measurements. The X-ray diffraction patterns show that thin films have cubic structure. The electrical resistivity of thin films has decreased from 0.36 × 106 to 0.15 × 106 Ω cm as substrate temperature increases from 300 to 400 K. It shows that films have semiconducting in nature. The grain size and electrical conductivity of the thin films have increased as the deposition temperature increased while dislocation density, activation energy, and band gap decreased. The minimum band gap 3.43 eV has been found.