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Educational Materials on Geosciences: Analysis from UNESCO Global Geoparks and Potential for Application to Protected Areas



Faced with the increase of human activities that permanently alter nature, it is more and more necessary to educate people about the importance of protecting nature, including both the biotic and abiotic aspects. In this context, UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGp) are reference territories to educate people about geodiversity and geoconservation in different environments. On the other hand, protected areas have great potential to develop and adapt the educational materials created by Geoparks due to the pedagogical value of these materials and the lack of activities focusing on these aspects. In this sense, this work aimed to identify the educational materials displayed on the UGGps websites and published papers and discuss the potential for adaptation and use of these materials in protected areas. For this purpose, we focused on searching educational materials in the official UGGps websites, Scopus database and Google Scholar. We consider that not all materials can be found, but we tried to identify as many as we could. The analysis of the educational materials revealed that most of them are lesson plans, playful and craft activities for children and field guides for teachers and students. Therefore, such materials have excellent potential to be applied to the educational context of protected areas.

Graphical Abstract