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Dielectric, electro-optical and spectroscopic properties of silver doped zinc oxide-ferroelectric liquid crystal composite system



In the present study, silver doped zinc oxide nanoparticles (NPs) have been added in the pristine ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC). The dielectric, electro-optical and spectroscopic properties was investigated of the pristine FLC and FLC-NPs composite system. The dispersion of NPs into the pristine FLC material sturdily influences the various properties of composite system. Due to dispersion of NPs, a rapid increment in the dielectric permittivity and faster switching was observed for the FLC-NPs composite system. Absorbance of the UV light got diminished in the presence of silver doped zinc oxide NPs. Photoluminescence emission of the pristine FLC material has been quenched after the addition of NPs and a red shift was also detected. The possible applications of this investigation have been suggested in the letter.

Graphical Abstract