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Diagnostic of plasma discharge parameters in helium filled dielectric barrier discharge



AbstractThis paper reports the plasma discharge analysis of a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) source. Helium is used as a working gas. The analysis is performed at fixed working pressure and operating frequency. The investigations are carried out using sinusoidal supply for the generation of discharges where two current pulses have been observed with different polarities in one period. A homogeneous type of discharge has been observed for different operating conditions in this DBD source. Since in situ diagnostics are not possible due to the small geometries in the used DBD source, the electrical measurements and spectroscopic analysis of the discharge have been performed to analyse the plasma discharge. The electrical analysis has been carried out using equivalent electrical circuit model. The plasma density and temperature within the discharge have been estimated using line ratio technique of the observed visible neutral helium lines. The estimated electron plasma density is found to be in close proximity with the plasma simulation code ‘OOPIC Pro’.