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Consequences of Global Demand and Supply of Fossil Energy and the Need to use Wind Energy as a Potential in Iran



The developments of industry and technology caused by Industrial Revolution increased the consumption and demand of fossil fuels to sustain economic life. As energy consumption continued to increase in the world, its effects emerged for the first time in the 1970s, necessitating the need for access and planning for the supply of world energy consumption that was put on the agenda of economic development planning worldwide. Accordingly, the purpose of this paper is an attempt to access renewable resources in support of the earth taking into account the increasing energy consumption and use of limited fossil energy resources in the world and the consequences of their use in the future. The results show that considering the increasing demand and supply of energy and a variety of factors such as the limitation of fossil energy resources and the environmental constraints resulting from their consumption and considering the capabilities available in Iran, wind energy can be considered as a renewable energy and a good alternative

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