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Compressive solitons in a moving e-p plasma under the effect of dust grains and an external magnetic field



AbstractA theoretical investigation concerning the propagation of compressive solitons in a plasma comprising electrons, positrons, and dust grains is presented by considering the dust grains of either positive charge or negative charge. Using reductive perturbation technique, a relevant Korteweg-deVries (KdV) equation is derived and then solved to obtain the expressions of amplitude and width of the solitons. The magnetic field is found to alter the dispersive property of the plasma, and hence, only the width of the solitons is reduced in the presence of higher magnetic field. Soliton amplitude is found to decrease/increase and the width to increase/decrease for the higher densities of negatively/positively charged dust grains. Moreover, the amplitude of such a soliton remains larger in the case of positively charged dust grains in comparison with the negatively charged dust grains. The effect of electron/positron drift velocities of the charged species is not pronounced on the properties of the compressive solitons. Under the limiting cases, our calculations reduce to the calculations by other investigators. This substantiates the generality of the present analysis.