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Comparing the structural and magnetic properties of FePt/MgO/Si and FePt/Ag/Si granular nanolayers



AbstractThe properties of L10-FePt nanoparticles can be improved in the presence of MgO and Ag interlayers in direct sputtering and annealing method, respectively. Such properties are crystal and compound ordering, nanostructure and crystal orientation. In this work, FePt nanoparticles in ferromagnetic L10-fct phase were synthesized using sputtering method on Ag and MgO layers. According to XRD analyses, the impact of the presence of these two kinds of interlayer on crystal structure and its orientation has been investigated. Furthermore, the effect of the presence of 10% Ag on these properties has been studied and their granular layer nanostructures were characterized through the FE-SEM analysis. The results show that the presence of Ag as nanocompound and interlayer is desirable on declining the transition temperature and controlling the size during annealing. The presence of MgO as a sublayer in direct synthesis leads to the formation of 10 nm monosize smaller nanoparticles. According to VSM analysis, MgO and Ag sublayers have increased the magnetic coercivity of the FePt nanoparticles by 3.4 times and 3.7 times, respectively.