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Biogenic synthesis and characterization of Silver nanoparticles from seed extract of Spondia mombins and screening of its antibacterial activity



The seed extract of Spondia mombins was used in the biofabrication of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) in this study. The biosynthesized AgNPs was characterised using UV-Vis Spectroscopy, FTIR, FESEM, TEM, XRD and EDX. The antimicrobial efficacy of the synthetized AgNPs was evaluated against certain pathogens. The absorption spectrum peaked at 425 nm when the UV analysis was carried out, with a large peak of 3000 to 3800 cm−1 indicating different functional groups on the AgNPs surface when the FTIR analysis was conducted. An examination of FESEM and TEM showed a number of spherical particle structures ranging from 10-50 nm. XRD analysis also confirmed this size range. The AgNPs synthesized inhibited growth of the microorganisms used in this study. This study demonstrates that Spondia mombins’s seed extract has biomolecules that helped to bio reduce and stabilize the AgNPs synthesized, hence confirming the possibility of using Spondia mombins seeds in AgNPs synthesis.