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An experimental study of thermal diffusivity of Au nanoparticles: effects of concentration particle size



AbstractIn this article, Au nanoparticles in polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) solution were prepared by gamma radiation at different concentrations. The solutions were irradiated at doses of 50 kGy for making different sizes. The average sizes of particle in the prepared samples were measured using the nanophox machine. A dual-beam mode-mismatched thermal lens (TL) method was used to investigate the effect of thermal diffusivity of samples. The TL measurement was carried out using a green diode laser (wavelength 532 nm, 60 mW) and a He–Ne laser (wavelength 632.8 nm, 0.5 mW) for excitation source and probe beam, respectively. The results showed that the thermal diffusivity of samples enhances with the growth of particle size and density of solutions. This increment can be attributed to phonon scattering at interface of particles–liquid and contact between the nanoparticles and surrounded liquid.