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A study on dust acoustic traveling wave solutions and quasiperiodic route to chaos in nonthermal magnetoplasmas



AbstractBifurcations and chaotic behaviors of dust acoustic traveling waves in magnetoplasmas with nonthermal ions featuring Cairns–Tsallis distribution is investigated on the framework of the further modified Kadomtsev–Petviashili (FMKP) equation. The FMKP equation is derived employing the reductive perturbation technique (RPT). Bifurcations of dust acoustic traveling waves of the FMKP equation is presented. Using the bifurcation theory of planar dynamical systems, two new analytical traveling wave solutions for solitary and periodic waves are derived depending on the parameters α,α1,q,ldocumentclass[12pt]{minimal} usepackage{amsmath} usepackage{wasysym} usepackage{amsfonts} usepackage{amssymb} usepackage{amsbsy} usepackage{mathrsfs} usepackage{upgreek} setlength{oddsidemargin}{-69pt} egin{document}$$alpha , alpha _1, q, l$$end{document} and U. Considering an external periodic perturbation, the chaotic behavior of dust acoustic traveling waves is investigated through quasiperiodic route to chaos. The parameter q significantly affects the chaotic behavior of the perturbed FMKP equation.