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Monte Carlo simulations of the magnetic properties of a site-disordered Blume Capel multilayer spin-1 system



We used standard Monte Carlo simulations to investigate the magnetic properties of a spin-1 Ising multilayer
system composed of two non-equivalent planes A and B, where B being site-diluted. Antiferromagnetic interlayer
and ferromagnetic intralayer spin couplings have been considered. Our calculations indicated the occurrence of
a compensation phenomenon where the magnetization vanishes before the critical temperature. The effects of
various model parameters on the system magnetic properties have been examined in detail and presented in
the form of phase diagrams. The results bore some resemblance with those reported in some previous works
on systems with or without site-dilution. Depending on values of the spin concentration parameterP the model
displayed first- and second-order phase boundaries with the existence of a tricritical point.

Graphical Abstract