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Effects of mixed electric field on characterization of electrohydrodynamics drying system



In this paper, we present a new structure of applying two electrical power supplies to generate ionic wind. In
this configuration, two power supplies were applied simultaneously with a modulated voltage to an electrohydrodynamic
(EHD) system then corona discharge parameters and EHD thrust characterization was investigated
by a corona dryer mechanism. The EHD thrust experiments were performed with a pin to plate and SDBD
arrangements. The results show that with the simultaneous application of two power supplies the drying rate
in a drop of water as a standard sample was greatly enhanced and the drying time was reduced. Thus, the
total evaporation was occurred in 1 minute in the SDBD structure with a power of 7 watts and in 1.5 minutes in
pin to plate structure with a power of 2.5 watts. Eventually, it was observed that the use of mixed electric fields
enhances the ionic wind, hence increases the non-thermal evaporation process significantly. Furthermore, the
drying rate has grown notably In SDBD configuration.

Graphical Abstract